So I thought I was a feminist…

In 2003 I spent a year studying on an access to social work course at a further education college. It was a year that twisted and shaped my worldview. It was uncomfortable, hard work (I was also working full time) and provocative. The units included equal opportunities legislation and anti-oppressive practice. We were made to […]

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2018 All your wrestling and writhing, all your arrogance and your folly. Apathy on the streets, anger behind our screens. 2018 All your bitterness and broken wires. Miscommunication and empty ears. Peace dispossessed, light turned low and love dispatched. 2018 All your fear pedalled but still stocks last, of course there’s always more. Assurance mishandled. Ignorance for […]

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About joy

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from being a fostering social worker for 10 years is the essential tool that is co-regulation in parenting. This being the psychological approach which places the caregiver in the privileged and responsible seat of seeking to co-regulate a child’s behaviour, internal worth, and outlook. It’s not manipulation, nor […]

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My letter to NICE

This week I e-mailed the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. In 2011, some ‘research’ (PACE trials) concluded that Graded Exercise and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helped some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME. This hugely expensive and widely influential work was instrumental in forming guidelines for health professionals in the UK and subsequently […]

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I wrote a song

This week I wrote a song. I’m not one to say whether it’s a good one or not, it doesn’t exist to be critiqued or scrutinised, it’s not for anyone, and certainly not to impress, but I do know it came from my very core. It’s now almost nine months since I became ill with […]

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6h 48m: Time and silence

Since we watched Doctor Who together as a family last Sunday my son (who is 7 and hadn’t seen the sci-fi before) and I have had some rather interesting discussions about time. He’s always been interested in time, and often needs to know when games or films were made and likes to put things in […]

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Weird, people.

Living on a farm while managing my days with a chronic illness brings a strange dichotomy to everyday existence. I love the skies portrayed as a changing canvas, the seasons transitioning day by day, the varied wildlife passing by and also the luxurious isolation itself. However, I realised last week that I hadn’t been beyond […]

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Mindfulness vs Photography

Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved photography. I remember getting a plasticky instant point and shoot camera when I was about 8 or 9. That clicky, clacky winding sound is still fresh in my memory. There was something very physical and experiential about setting up a new film and making sure that it […]

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I have Chronic Fatigue: how do I not waste my life? A response to John Piper.

The American Evangelical pastor and author, John Piper releases a weekly podcast with transcript, called Ask Pastor John. Listeners send in their questions and he answers them, using biblical references within his responses. Recently Piper was asked by a previously active church member and short-term missionary who was struck down with Chronic Fatigue how she […]

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